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Adrian Pucey

Who: Tracey and Adrian
Where: Slytherin Common Room
Why: Because we wanted to! (Also, seriously, I have never been this active, ever!).
Rating: PG

Tracey had been sitting on the bottom step of the set of stairs that lead from the common room to the girl's dorms, staring at the exit of the Common Room for about an hour now. How could Dumbledore possibly expect to keep every student in their common rooms without someone going insane? It was impossible. With a determined look on her face, she stood up and walked swiftly towards the exit. She'd be damned if she was punished for something she wasn't really involved in.

Adrian was kneeling by the fire place, tending to the flame that had nearly extinguished. He threw some logs ontop of the ashes and hoped the best. He wasn't enthusiastic about living in the common room, but duties were duties, and if it helped him see Marietta any sooner, he was all for it. After brushing his hands off, Adrian stood, figuring he better oversee the Wizard's Chess game, but took an all-together different route when he spotted a familiar blonde heading out of the common room. "What are you doing?" he asked, latching onto Tracey's wrist.

Tracey quickly turned around to see who had grabbed a hold of her. Damn. It just had to be a prefect. She quickly searched her mind for an answer to his question that would get her minimal lectures from the older boy. There was always faking an injury, being a complete drama queen, telling the truth, or talking around it. Her eyes suddenly got wide as she got up close to Adrian, holding onto part of his shirt with her free hand. "I have to get fresh air. I have to. I'm claustrophobic and…" she quickened her breath a bit as she looked around the room in a panicked sort of manner.

Adrian looked around as if the answer was somewhere in the room. "Tracey, there's three times as many people in the Great Hall when we eat, and you do fine there," he commented, reaching for her hand. "You should probably sit down. You look like you're going to... faint."

Tracey had to do all she could not to laugh at both of Adrian's statements. Honestly, she was being completely silly. He didn't really believe her, did he? No matter, she'd continue on in the matter a while longer. She shook her head vehemently before placing her forehead on his chest, still breathing heavy and hand still grasping his shirt. "Air. Need air," she said between breaths.

Marietta was surely going to KILL him. "No, you need to sit," he said, this time more forcefully than he had before, and awkwardly patted her head. "Well, I'm not letting you leave... so perhaps we should go," he started side-stepping to the couch adjacent the fire place, "where I can accomodate you."

Tracey wasn't going to the couch that easily, she pulled a bit towards the exit as he tried to get her to go the other way. However, realizing this wasn't working, she quickly let go of him and fell to the floor as if she had fainted. Well, this was certainly a way to cure her boredom.

That's it. Adrian wasn't meant to save anyone ever, and this was very obvious to him now. He quickly scurried to her side. "Merlin! Are you all right?" he squatted and took her face in his hands. "Are you breathing?" He lowered his head and hovered his ear above her mouth.

She gave a small moan of pain as she slowly brought one of her hands up and caressed his cheek gently then quickly stuck her tongue out and licked the outside of his ear, a few giggles erupting immediately after. This was more fun than walking around the castle any day!

Adrian was appalled. "How dare you," he mumbled, turning red, as he felt terribly foolish, and wiped his ear. "Claustrophobic? You lied to me!" He looked around the common room and winced at the dozen of eyes staring back. "You have not set a good example for the younger students, Tracey Davis," he lectured in a fatherly tone.

Tracey sat herself up as she smiled at him. "Sure I have. I've shown them that they can have fun without making silly attacks on other students." All right, so she admitted that that was the worst excuse she had ever made up. But part of it actually made some sense.

Adrian smirked. "I must say, as your prefect, if you plan on spending anymore time here, Miss Tracey," he droned, resting his hand on her shoulder, "you should find proper seating." He glanced over to the fire and made a mental note to read up on logs, ashes, fire, and the like.

Tracey placed her opposite hand on the hand that Adrian had on her shoulder and brought it down, loosely keeping it in her own. She then patted the top of it in a friendly manner with her free hand. "Well, as your fellow housemate, I think you should take a moment to sit down here with me. It'll give you a whole new perspective on the room and the people in it," she said, ending with a small nod of her head.

Adrian looked down at their hands. "If there's anything I've learned from Marietta, it's not to argue with a woman." Yes, the casual mention of the girlfriend, in case she had forgotten. He hadn't, of course not. He braced himself with his other hand and sat down next to her, a rather displeased look on his face. "I don't see what is so great, Tracey. I'm looking at knees and feet."

She looked over at him, keeping her hands on his, wondering how long he'd allow her to. "That's because you're not looking correctly. Or feeling, for that matter. Just….don't think about it. Go with it," she said with a small smile before laying back onto the ground, looking up at the ceiling.

He laughed, slipping his hand out of hers. "You are nutters," he insulted, shaking his head. "I'm sure you have a bed like the rest of us. Surely that is a more appropriate place to lie down." He crossed his arms and squinted at her.

"You're completely hopeless, Adrian," she said with an amused laugh. She then propped herself up on her elbows to allow herself a better view of him. "So…I think you wanted to talk? Or a hug? Or something?" she asked with a raised eyebrow.

He reached over and picked up what resembled a leaf, but then again, who knew what anything was for sure in this castle. He tore at its edges. "A hug? Marietta would, well, let's just say she wouldn't approve." He lifted what remained of the leaf above Tracey's stomach and let the pieces fall. "I guess we could talk. Where do we start?"

Tracy giggled a bit as she watched the leaf pieces fall onto her stomach then picked up a few of them and threw them lightly at Adrian, allowing the rest of the pieces to stay on her stomach. "Wherever you'd like. What's the first thing that comes to mind? Don't think, just say it."

"You have a nice stomach," he blurted, frowning, and then his tone grew more serious. "And I miss Marietta. I haven't seen her yet, you know. It is driving me crazy." He shadowed her, reclining back on his elbows, and looked up to the ceiling.

Tracey smiled lightly at his first comment and the fact that he was now practically lying on the floor of the common room, but didn't say anything about it, feeling the second subject was much more pressing anyhow. "Dumbledore said that you could plead your case to him to see her, didn't he? What happened to her exactly, if you don't mind my asking."

The ceiling didn't hold his interest long. He really had no idea why Tracey glorified sitting on the floor like she had. "She was hexed worse than most of the others, I presume." He paused and turned to her. "Blaise tried to cover her, but he was hit, too. Actually," he admitted, "I'm not exactly sure, but that's what I was told. I was too busy trying to save the Great Hall." He bit on his lip, planning when it would be appropriate to visit Marietta. "And Dumbledore said I could see her, but it was probably best for her to rest another day. Besides, I have to make sure people like you don't sneak out." He smiled.

Tracey stuck her tongue out playfully at him in response to his last statement before continuing on with the serious side of the conversation. "She'll be out sooner than you'd expect, I'm sure. Marietta doesn't seem like the type to take to bed for long, no matter how injured she is."

He grinned, dusting the pieces of leaf off of her stomach. "Yeah, she's almost too proud, sometimes." Feeling somewhat neglectful, he nudged her side. "What about you, Miss Tracey? Any new developments in your life?"

"Well, I can cross one more name off of the list of people that I want to get to sit on the ground with me," she said with a playful wink. "But we aren't here to talk about me. It's you who's having a hard time of it lately and I volunteered an ear, not a mouth." She then paused for a second. "That didn't come out sounding quite how I'd meant it," she said with a small laugh.

"Oh," he murmured, momentarily forgeting anything she had said prior to the mention of her mouth. "I'm glad I could be of service." He ran his hand through his hair and rested his palm on the back of his neck. "I'm not sure I have much more to talk about, except that I've realized how thankful I am that my best mate is a male. You women are trouble."

"I couldn't agree more. But you men love us this way. You wouldn't like Marietta quite so much if she was no trouble whatsoever. Face it, you'd be lost without us and our troublesome ways," she said dramatically. "Might want to warn Blaise, though, seeing as he's now the basis for my eventual fortune," she said with a finalizing nod.

Sometimes Adrian was slow on the uptake. "Wait, you fancy Blaise?" he asked, eyes wide. "Wait, and if so, is this some game where I'm supposed to tell him, and pretend I haven't?" He was excited for his best mate, if it was true, even though they didn't leave on very good terms yesterday.

Tracey let out a laugh. "Using Blaise for money... fancying him... they're practically the same thing, yeah," she said through her laughs. "Blaise and I are making a scrapbook that is going to document his traitorous ways from beginning to end. And then we're going to sell it for comedic purposes," she said to explain her previous comments. Fancy Blaise? She had never really fancied anyone. She wasn't sure she'd know what it felt like when she did, either.

"Oh," he nodded, though thoroughly confused. "That sounds like fun," he lied, rolling his eyes. "Well," he sighed, "I think they're just about finishing round fifty eight of Wizard's Chess. I really should supervise." He grinned at her. "You'd be surprised how angry these kids get when they lose." He moved to stand up, and then realizing he hadn't properly said good bye, knelt back down and placed a soft kiss on her cheek. "Thanks, Tracey. Really."

"Anytime," she said with a smile. "And thanks to you for curing me of my rather severe case of claustrophobia," she said with a wink before standing up as well. "Tell that traitorous friend of yours I say hi," she said with a grin.

"Will do, will do," he repeated, heading for the couch. "Have a nice night." His, on the other hand, would be full of logs and sore losers.

Tracey headed towards the girls dorms then stopped and turned back to Adrian. Was she really going to leave him alone with the younger years all night? "If you want, I can stay and help out. It's more productive than finding ways to freak out Pansy, anyhow," she said with a shrug.

Adrian was caught off-guard by her offer, but nevertheless, was greatful she had. "Sure, I'd like that," he said, making room for her on the couch. "Maybe we'll get a chance to play. Just to warn you, I'm amazing."

Tracey walked over and fell back on the couch next to him in a very ungraceful manner. "Sounds good. And just to warn you, I cheat," she said with a wink.

*NOTE: When Adrian said And Dumbledore said I could see her, I really meant that the possibility was there, not that he had approved it. Yeah, that's right, you can't BOOT ME!
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