Tracey Davis (statelymstracey) wrote in finale_rpg,
Tracey Davis

Who? Blaise and Tracey
What? Haha, like I'm going to spoil it ;)
When? This evening, I suppose.
Where? Common Room

Blaise lay sprawled out across a large couch in the Common Room, drumming his quill against a blank piece of parchment, which was supposed to be filled. He had been avoiding his dorm for almost a week now, and not going into sleep until he knew everyone else had gone to bed. Then he would rise early to vacate as soon as possible. This was difficult considering, before he had had a more then active sleep schedule. Annoyed with his writers block, covered his face with his hands and groaned.

Tracey quickly sprinted down the stairs from the dorms into the common room, stopping only to jump down the last five or so, landing with a small ‘thud’. As she quickly straightened, she loudly began “Hey, everybody!”, attempting to address whoever was still awake. She cut herself off, however, after surveying the room and noticing Blaise. Maybe he hadn’t heard her rather loud entrance and she could sneak back to her dorm?

Blaise raised his hands off his face and slowly sat up, expecting to see an obnoxious second year. He let out a small laugh, "I should have known." He raised an eyebrow at Tracey, "what are you still doing up?"

Tracey guessed she probably had a similar expression to some poor animal who had just been seen by some sort of hunter. Or some better analogy that she couldn’t think of at the moment. Here she was, small shirt and small shorts, hair messily pulled back, making loud noises in the Common Room. “Sleep walking?” she offered as a rather pathetic answer.

He shook his head, "Nice try." Blaise rolled up the sleeves of his rather oversized sweater and scooted over to make room for her on the couch. "Care to join me?"

She stood where she was for another moment. There was no way she could go sit next to him without saying something she’d regret right after it escaped her lips. She needed an excuse to go back to her room. “I’m not wearing anything on my feet….,” she said quickly, wincing immediately afterwards. Well, that had been a dumb comment. She took a deep breath and held it for a moment, before walking over to the couch and hopping onto the spot he had cleared for her. “Hi!” she said in an overly perky manner.

Blaise squinted attempting to figure out exactly what had just happened. After she was seated, he glanced down at her feet, considering she had brought attention to them. They were nice feet, he decided. "My we are a bundle of energy tonight.” he smirked.

“Tonight?” she said with a small giggle. “You obviously don’t spend many nights with me. I’ve actually been kicked out of the dorm before. And, well, I’m not in the mood to sleep tonight anyway, so that plays a part,” she said with a small nod. Oh geez, there it was. She wondered how long she’d last before she said anything more about it. “So! What’re you doing still up, oh favourite traitor of mine?”

He let out a small chuckle and leaned back into the sofa, "Oh so you did hear I was a traitor? Good, because due to that, I spend most of my time here." He let out an unenthusiastic laugh and closed his eyes. He then remembered something he had meant to ask her. "So why is it my fault you had a dream?" He asked randomly, only slightly cracking his eyes to see her reaction.

“Because you were in it!” she said quickly, not allowing a pause between the question and her answer and managing to run all of the words together. There, part of it was out. He didn’t need to know anymore. “Have you and Adrian made up yet?” she asked, moving on to the next topic as if she hadn’t just announced something incredibly weird and embarrassing.

Taken slightly aback, Blaise blinked and then stared at her. Something was going on here. Was she into Adrian? No that couldn't be it. "No...I mean I don't know." He muttered slowly not breaking his confused gaze at her. "What do you mean I was in it?"

Tracey just stared back at Blaise for a few moments. Why wasn’t her brain working? She needed a story, a reason, anything. After a few minutes she realized that nothing was coming to her and the silence wasn’t really solving anything either. “I think that I like you,” she said as if it wasn’t a big deal, keeping her eyes locked with his.

Blaise's eyes widened but didn't stray from Tracey's. Was she serious? This had never happened to him before. No girl had EVER liked him. Then it hit him, she was patronizing him. He hung his head, embarrassed that he was so excited. "Don't fuck with me." He said almost hurt.

Tracey raised an eyebrow. Well, out of all of the ways this had ended when she gone through the scenario in her mind, this reaction certainly hadn’t crossed her mind. “Oh, come on, Blaise. I know I like to make things up, but not when I know it could possibly hurt somebody,” she said as she watched him carefully. “Unless it’s someone I don’t really like at all…like Pansy” she added as an after thought.

He looked up at her a bit confused about what his next move should be. He was always one to think out things logically and not jump to conclusions. There was no doubt that he was excited, but at the same time so bewildered, he could hardly think straight. "Are you sure?" As soon as it came out, he knew he had to explain, “I mean, are you sure you like me? Because you would definitely be the first, and I just want to make sure you’re not making a mistake." That hadn't sounded any better.

“That has to be the worst reaction to the sort of statement I made like, ever,” she said playfully with a small wink. “And I don’t know. I mean, I’ve never really liked anyone before. But I’m pretty sure that’s what this is. If I had had any doubt about that, I wouldn’t have said anything. I don’t think…” Damn. This was why she never bothered with this sort of thing. It confused the crap out of her. “I mean, I guess if you don’t want me to like you, I can try to stop? Or something?” she offered with a tiny shrug.

He smiled about how nonchalant she was making the situation. It made the whole thing seem less frightening and more intriguing. Suddenly he couldn't stop the huge grin that was spreading across his face, "No! I don't want you to stop." He started to get a bit playful, "What exactly did we do in your dream for you to come to this conclusion?"

“Oh, pfft, like I’m going to tell you,” she said with a smile as she playfully hit her elbow against his arm. Well, thank goodness this hadn’t ended the way she thought it was going to. He hadn’t laughed at her (yet) and he was still talking to her. She was a happy person.

Blaise tried so hard to keep himself from smiling, but he just couldn't. Not only did a girl actually like him, but she was beautiful too. And he was pretty damn sure he liked her too. But first he needed proof. He looked up at her and raised his eyebrow, trying to be coy. "I like things that are practical and have proof. Evidence. And so far, we don't have any solid evidence that there is something between us. I suggest we do an experiment." He said matter-of-factly, yet still smiling.

Tracey raised an eyebrow, a bit of a smile on her face still. “An experiment?” she repeated as she watched him. What could he possibly mean by an experiment? Tracey wasn’t exactly the brightest of girls when it came to these sorts of things. More than likely, she was hoping it was some sort of rock, paper, scissors equivalent.

Blaise suddenly got a serious look on his face and leaded in closer to her. He reached out one hand and gently took her cheek in it. He wasn't sure how these things were supposed to happen. Last time he had kissed someone, he was not in the correct frame of mind. He leaned in slowly preparing to kiss her. Just as their lips were about to touch, he thought it might be polite to ask, he didn't want this to start on a bad note. "May I?" He asked, his lips hovering over hers.

Her eyes widened as it slowly dawned on her what was about to happen. This was it. She finally liked a guy and he was about to kiss her. And if the kiss or anything else turned out to be awkward, the friendship that she loved with Blaise could very easily end. But she didn’t have time to think through this all as instinct took over and she gently nodded her head, giving him permission. Later, she’d have to give him a hard time for being such a gentleman and asking first.

Blaise smiled a bit, before kissing her softly. His hands shook a bit, and he realized it was the first girl he had kissed that hadn't been drunk or under the influence of some sort of potion. That small little shake was all he needed to solidify that he liked her back. He had been fairly certain that he did, but now it was a fact. He pulled away slowly, not wanting to go for more then she was willing to give.

Tracey sat there a moment after he had pulled away, trying to collect her thoughts. Had Blaise really just kissed her? Really? After the realization hit her, she broke out into a grin before leaning over and giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. “So? What conclusion has this experiment brought you to then?”

Blaise thought for a second, still smiling. He really tried to stop. But just didn't want to. "That we could do that." He shrugged, "I really just wanted to kiss you." He gave her a small wink.

“I feel so used!” she tried to exclaim in a dramatic fashion, though it didn’t come out quite so dramatic as she was hoping through the smile she was having trouble getting rid of.

He laughed, and replied, as out of character as possible. "Well you know how I am with girls. They all flock and I give them what they want." He laughed at his complete bullshit.

“You know, that’s what I hear around the castle,” she said in a manner as if she was telling some great secret. “Of course, you don’t seem nearly as bad of a snogger as everyone says!” she said in her usual, perky, tone, adding a wink on at the end to show she was only joking.

He laughed out loud at her, "I only gave you one kiss! How can you tell?" He rubbed the back of his head, "I could be terrible."

She gave a small shrug. “I’m only guessing. But you’re right. You could be terrible, yeah? If that’s the case…I’m not so sure I want to experience it,” she said as she tilted her chin up a little, acting like a true snobby Slytherin girl.

Feeling rather bold, he leaned in quickly placed his hand on her cheek and tilted her face toward his. He gave her another kiss that lasted a bit longer this time.

Once she felt his lips, she firmly pressed hers against his. Tracey parted her lips slightly after a moment then lightly ran her tongue along his bottom lip. She then quickly pulled away before he had much of a chance to respond and gave him a grin. However, not quite sure she was liking the…lack of goofing off in this encounter, she quickly leaned back over and licked his cheek in a playful way before erupting into a fit of giggles. After all, she couldn't have him thinking she could be too normal for long.

"Uggh!" He groaned as he wiped the spit off his cheek. Not exactly what he had expected, but it would do for now. He rolled his eyes at her, and decided he wasn't going to try that again tonight. "Can't be serious for a moment?"

“I was serious for a moment!” she said in her defense. “However, I’d rather be kissed just because you want to kiss me rather than because I said you might be a terrible kisser,” she said as she stuck her tongue out playfully at him. “Besides…how many times have you been licked by another person? New experiences are always a good thing,” she said with an almost self-satisfied grin. “And now, you’ll never forget our encounter on this fine, but somewhat warm, evening,” she ended with a small nod.

He couldn't help but laugh, and realize how incredibly cute she was. "I did very much enjoy the licking." He smirked. "And I did very much want to kiss you." He looked down, slightly embarrassed that he was being so honest with her.

“Well then, we have no problems and all is well in the world once more,” she said with a smile. “Although,” she added on as an afterthought. “It is rather hard trying to read at what you’re thinking when you keep looking down like that,” she said as she gave him a playful nudge.

He glanced up at her, and grinned. "I'm sorry, I didn't realize." She kept catching him off guard, which he loved. She kept him on his toes, while everyone else seemed to bore him

"Don't be sorry," she said as she gave him a quick kiss. After all, he hadn't done anything wrong to be sorry about. She had only pointed out his actions to him. Why should someone be sorry for something that's in their character? After all, she wasn't sorry for licking him, weird as that was. So why should he be sorry for looking away? Anyway, he probably just got weirded out looking at her eyes or something like everyone else in the world.

"So this makes me even more of a traitor-by-association than before, yeah?" she asked as she thought it all over. "How fun!" she finally exclaimed.

Blaise liked to kiss her. It felt natural. As if he had been doing it for years, or should have. He cocked his head up a bit to give her a small smirk. "Well if you’re up to the challenge." He laughed and leaned back, "I can see it now, Tracey-kisser-of-traitors." He laughed as he looked up at her.

Tracey paused for a moment in a grin, before letting out a laugh. “That’s it! I’m putting that as my name on the next essay I write for class!” she said, thoroughly amused at the prospect and more serious than most would think. “Although, I’d have to change it up a bit. Can’t have people thinking I’ll snog just any traitor.”

Deciding to find a smooth way to ask her what exactly they were now, he asked, " I the only traitor you’re going to be snogging?" He looked up at her trying to look nonchalant.

Tracey tried her hardest to not laugh at the way Blaise had approached the subject. She could have answered him straight out, but decided to play dumb for a bit. “Well…what other traitors are there for me to snog here? Well, I suppose Adrian and Theo are sort of walking the line. Ooh, now, Theo may be a bit interesting to snog….” She said as she bit down lightly on her lip, pretending to give it thought.

She then smiled, not able to hold a serious face for long. “To be honest, you’re the only anything that I’ve ever snogged. And I suppose, if you wanted it to stay that way until you get sick of me, I wouldn’t argue.”

He grinned, and stared at her for a moment. He then reached over and brushed a piece of hair from her face, "I'd like that." He looked at her for another moment, and then realized something. "Hey, are your eyes different colours? One looks green." He peered closer.

She smiled lightly. Wow. This was fast. Did things like this always happen this fast? She had only just realized she liked him. Not the she was about to complain. Tracey then let out a small laugh at his latter statement. “Did you know it’s actually a birth defect? The colour in my eyes didn’t fully develop before I was born. I spent about the first ten years of my life trying to find a way to fix it,” she said with another laugh. “But then, I finally got the opportunity to make them the same but I couldn’t decide which colour I liked more.”

He couldn't stop looking at them now that he had noticed, they were completely unique. Just like her. He now had a completely original girlfriend. Wow! That was different to say. He had a girlfriend. That was quick. "I like them. Both of them."

"Haha, well, good. I'm glad," she said with a smile. "Because if you didn't, you'd just have to get over it," she said with a playful smile and nod. "Even if it does mean you have a deformed girlfriend," she said with an overly dramatic sigh as she fell back until she was fully slouched against the couch back.

Blaise rubbed his eyes, slightly overcome by all that had just happened and fatigue. "I think they've all gone to bed now. I think I better sneak in now while I have the chance." He grinned mischievously.

Tracey sat back up and looked at him. “Good luck!” she said with a grin before leaning over and kissing him lightly on the cheek.

He leaned in and raised his eyebrows as if he were doing something forbidden, "I'm going to need it." He stood, and turned to face her. He leaned in close to her about to give her a kiss, "Goodnight." he whispered, and just as he was about to kiss her, he suddenly licked the tip of her nose. "Now we're even!"

Tracey burst into a fit of giggles as he licked her. “You’re so weird,” she said through her laughs, laughing even harder at the irony of her calling anyone weird. “Night!” she called out to him before she forgot to say it. Well, tonight had been interesting.
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