Anthony Goldstein (goldstein_a) wrote in finale_rpg,
Anthony Goldstein

Owl to Percy Weasley, hexed private.

Dear Perce,

Excuse the terrible handwriting and lack punctuation. Mme Pomfrey hovering saying I have to get back to using quill, think Muggles call it Occupational Therapy. Hoped writing to BOYFRIEND (ha hi Pomfrey) would scare her off but no. But she has nice boiled sweets.

Anyway I miss you. It was great you being here so much, seems I'll be in here for a little while yet so if you ever happen to be in Scotland...

Malfoy's been his usual nasty self. My sister says hi.

Lestrange came to visit after you left. Don't mind saying was terrified

he says I'm the bad one what I did to Kit = worse than anything he's done.

Is it true he's with you and the others now? So confused.

Tired now. Please do write back because reading is much more interesting than writing. Nobody will bring me my SCHOOLBOOKS, DAMN it. Will be so behind.

I love you. And, um, because when you're in hospital bed you have time to remember these things; happy two months (yes, I know, I'm sad). Enclosed = highly expensive, sought-after gift, despite limited shopping opportunities. Enjoy.

All my love,

Enclosed: One of Madam Pomfrey's boiled sweets (red).
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