Rabastan Lestrange (betadraconis) wrote in finale_rpg,
Rabastan Lestrange

Owl to Antonin Dolohov


I suppose you thought I'd forget. Or just not acknowledge it. But. Well.

I actually meant to give these to you for Christmas. I'd gotten the box from 'Dolphus right before I got your letter when Igor

Yes. Well. Anyway. Here you are. Bon anniversaire, chéri Antonin.



Old black-and-white magical photographs, apparently taken, give or take, twenty years ago at one or more of Evan's parties.

Three of the prominent photos are two obviously candid shots, one of which features, off to the side, Antonin and Aldous whispering conspiratorially to one another over an armchair, smiling -- if one looks close enough.

The other of the candid shots is a group shot of sorts, in which several people wander in and out of the photo every so often, people such as Bella, Rodolphus, Barty and such, as well as, every so often, Aldous, and even Narcissa and Igor. Antonin seems to be the only one who ever stays in the picture, smiling and greeting the wanderers, respectively, as they go. Occasionally, Rabastan can be seen meandering into the frame, and he and Antonin occasionally meet eyes and smile. Sometimes. It is obviously because of this last fact that the photo was chosen to be included in this selection of photos.

The last of the three prominent photos is a group shot of the company of Death Eaters at that time. Alcohol was obviously a factor in this picture. Almost everyone is giddy and laughing, perhaps even almost happy.

At the bottom of the box is a saint medal of Saint Cecilia -- patron saint of music, singers, musicians, etc. Around the top edge, it reads, "SAINT CECILIA," and on the bottom, "PRAY FOR US," with the saint herself pictured in the middle with a lute. On the back of the medal is inscribed, "While the profane music of her wedding was heard..." which is the beginning of the phrase from the
Acts of Cecilia that ends "Cecilia was singing in her heart a hymn of love for Jesus, her true spouse." It was this phrase that led to her association with her patronage.

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