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Who: Crabbe and Marietta
What: Crabbe comes to bring her flowers
Rating: G

Crabbe walked to the Hospital Wing, something hidden behind his back. After a few words with Pomfrey (including a "PLEESE", a big grin, and a "You have 10 minutes Mr. Crabbe"), he was able to go inside. Madam Pomfrey promplty walked him over to a bed and announced, "Miss Edgecombe, a visitor."

Marietta pushed herself up onto her elbows and sat up. "Vincent? What are you doing here?" she looked a bit lost for words. She really didn't know what to say to him.

"Hiiii," he said, and held out his hand. In it were a 'bouquet' of weeds. "I brought flowers. For you."

"Oh," she said, weakly. "That was...sweet of you, Vincent..." She took them, gingerly, and set them on the table by her bed, with the flowers and cards she had received. They looked, unsurprisingly, very out of place. "Vincent, do you remember how I told you I would tell you when you did things that weren't good?"

Crabbe nodded solemnly. "I remember. Ummm was I a bad boy?"

She sighed. "Yes, Crabbe, you were a bad boy. Tossing Su Li around like that was very naughty and you shouldn't have done it. She was hurt very badly." She looked as stern as she could manage with a pounding headache. "The fighting that happened that day was all very bad and nobody should've done it."

"BUT SHE WAS MEAN TO ME!!" He saw Pomfrey glare at him out of the corner of his eye and wanted to hide. He'd have to talk quietly. "She wouldn't tell me what a hex was because Malfoy said to hex her and I didn't know how."

At that, she groaned. "Vincent. A hex is a bad spell you cast on someone to try and hurt them. Of course Su wasn't going to tell you what it was, she didn't want you to hex her. And Malfoy telling you to do something like that was very naughty of him."

Crabbe looked down. "But if I don't do what Malfoy tells me I get in trouble. I thought I was a good boy."

Her expression softened, but only slightly. "I know you did, but you weren't. Sometimes it can be hard to tell."

He bit his lip. "I'm sorry, Marietta," he managed to mumble before bursting into tears.

Oh, bugger-bugger-bugger. "For goodness sake. Come here," she sighed, holding her arms out. "It's all right. You thought you were being good, but next time you'll know better. Maybe when--" she's less likely to hex you to death "--Su's feeling better, you could apologise to her."

Crabbe ran over to her and pretty much fell into her arms (which probably wasn't the best thing since he wasn't a small boy), hugging her tightly. "I'm sowwyy.." he cried.

Marietta winced, but held up quite well, considering.
"I know you are, Vincent."

Crabbe was still crying, and he was getting boogies everywhere. Madam Pomfrey, seeing this, rushed over. "Mr. Crabbe! Get off of her!"

"Thanks, Madam Pomfrey," Marietta looked somewhat relieved to have the weight off, and grabbed the tissues next to her to try and clean up. Ugh, for the love of Merlin.

"I never should have let you in here, Mr. Crabbe. You are leaving right now." Crabbe looked sad, "But-"

"No buts, Mr. Crabbe. You are not permitted back in here, I will escort you out myself."

Marietta eased herself back into a more comfortable position, and offered Crabbe a slightly half-hearted wave goodbye.

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